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7 September 2021

Haroun Education Ventures MBA

Most MBA programs teach theoretical concepts that are not applicable in the real world and are often taught by teachers with no real-life practical business experience. Chris Haroun’s top-selling courses are based on his real-life practical experience starting companies, working in the venture capital, hedge fund, consulting sectors, and on Wall Street at Goldman Sachs. He also has an MBA From Columbia University and is the author of 101 Crucial Lessons they Don’t Teach You in Business School, which Forbes magazine called “1 or 6 books every entrepreneur need to read right now.” Many of the most crucial business concepts are not taught in MBA schools, like how to network, how to find customers, how to present, how to write business documents, how to become CEO in a large company, how to sell, how to get a job, how to manage your own money, how to start and grow a company, how to use social media to grow your business, how to make videos to sell yourself and your products and what the best practices are of the most successful business people in history! You will learn all of the aforementioned topics and so much more in the Haroun Education Ventures MBA Degree Program. This program contains over 400 hours of self-paced content so you can learn at your own speed.

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